A great place to learn

If you are looking for an easy way to get started learning Japanese, you need tutoring to help with your Japanese studies, or you want advanced teaching from a qualified native Japanese speaker then Sekai is the place for you!

  • experienced qualified tutor
  • customised lessons
  • flexible times and days
  • city fringe location
  • reasonable fees
  • satisfaction guaranteed

About Mayumi

  • I’m a native Japanese Speaker
  • I’ve been teaching Japanese at all sorts of different levels to non native Japanese speakers at private tutorial colleges and private tutoring.
  • I’m friendly and enthusiastic and moreover, I really enjoy teaching Japanese!
  • I’m well qualified and offer a professional service
    • Certificate in teaching language other than English (Japanese) in University of New South Wales.
    • Diploma of interpreting (Japanese-English) in Northern Sydney institute TAFE.

Contact Me

Contact Mayumi to organize an initial “coffee chat” to discuss your needs

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