Sekai means World. Learning a language opens up the world!


I came to Mayumi as a beginner in Japanese, but thanks to her I was able to gain confidence and increase my Japanese speaking ability. My time with Mayumi has been incredibly rewarding and positive, she is a great Japanese teacher.

Mayumi offers expert teaching in all areas of the Japanese language; from writing Kanji and memorising vocabulary, to speaking with the correct pronunciation, cadence and intonation. Whether you are studying full-time at university, or preparing for the JLPT, Mayumi is able to tailor lessons directly to fit students’ needs and preferences. Mayumi’s lessons do not just cover simple spelling and grammar rules however, Mayumi also teaches the culture and history behind the language, and over time I was able to find myself with a much more holistic appreciation of Japanese.

Mayumi utilises a plethora of teaching materials to facilitate her lessons; she has something for everyone and every occasion. In the two years that I tutored under her, I never found myself repeating lessons or lost for things to do, we were always learning something new and interesting,

Learning Japanese with Mayumi has been a pleasure; steadily seeing my Japanese ability improve, from speaking in short sentences to having in-depth conversations has been an immensely satisfying and enriching experience. To anyone wishing to improve their Japanese ability while also gaining a deeper understanding of the Japanese language and culture at large, I highly recommend Mayumi.

David C (bar worker)

My life ambition has always been to work and live in Japan. Through Mayumi’s guidance and excellent teaching, I was able to achieve this dream. She was always patient with me and accommodating to my busy work schedule. She was also very flexible with our class content and we would study everything from textbook grammar to her helping me with my work presentation slides. What I enjoyed most about our classes were the conversations we could have, which I think greatly improved my confidence with speaking Japanese. Mayumi, I cannot thank you enough for your help!”

Sam (office worker)

Mayumi is an incredibly warm and flexible teacher who adapted each lesson around whatever topic or aspect of the language had my interest. I came away with an incredibly well rounded understanding of Japanese, thanks to the varied nature of the exercises we would work through week to week. From listening to kanji to grammar, I feel incredibly comfortable with my Japanese after just a couple of short years!

Jonathan (musician)

Learning a new language is always a challenge, and to succeed in doing so, it is important to have a tutor who can inform, guide, educate and demonstrate enjoyment in the process of teaching. Mayumi admirably demonstrates these qualities and furthermore is patient, experienced and highly organised.

Although many Japanese teachers teach only in Japanese, this can be quite daunting for students new to the language. As required, Mayumi is able to clearly explain in English complex aspects of Japanese grammar and sentence structure. Her lessons are well planned and are structured around the students needs. I have made good progress and through her guidance have become highly motivated to take my Japanese to the next level.

Cameron G (Business man)

My experience of tutoring with Mayumi was an extremely positive one which not only greatly improved my Japanese ability but increased my love of Japanese culture.

Studying Japanese at University, I required a tutor who would be able to offer assistance with grammar, kanji, reading, writing and conversation. Mayumi worked closely with me on all of these, assisting me not only with my University assignments and weekly readings, but introducing outside materials to improve my listening and conversation skills. My ability to have informal conversations in Japanese increased dramatically, and I was able to become more relaxed and confident in conversing naturally in Japanese.

Mayumi was extremely organised and attentive, utilising my textbook and class schedule to prepare for tutoring sessions, and I benefited greatly from weekly quizzes at the start of each lesson. I also enjoyed forming a close relationship with Mayumi, our sessions not only improving my academic skills, but becoming a source of enjoyment as we shared experiences and chatted in Japanese over green tea! I would definitely recommend Mayumi to anyone wishing to learn or improve Japanese language skills.

Georgiana M (Student 3rd Year BA USYD)

Mayumi is a fantastic Japanese tutor! She helped me get through two semesters of university Japanese and I can’t thank her enough – I found her style of teaching much more effective than my university lecturer!

She structures the lessons to suit your comfort zone but also encourages and motivates you to push yourself to try harder. Mayumi is warm and friendly which greatly reduces the intimidation factor of learning a new language and remains extremely patient and engaged during each lesson. She was prepared with worksheets and notes each lesson and in my opinion went above and beyond the normal requirements for personal tutors. I look forward to having more lessons with Mayumi in the future!

Bridie (Office worker and part time student)